Project 6GR Warranty Information

Project 6GR Wheels is proud to provide and honor our Lifetime Structural Warranty on every single wheel we provide in the enthusiast marketplace. Rest assured that our warranty will cover you against any possible defects in the materials and/or workmanship.

In addition to our lifetime structural warranty, we also provide a one year finish warranty.

Please be advised that Project 6GR wheels Warranty does NOT protect against "Road Hazards". Road hazards would include but are not limited to: potholes, road debris, road salt, curbs, and collisions.

Damages caused by the use of non approved tire sizes and or mounting hardware will Not be covered under our warranty.  Maintaining proper tire inflation will not only prevent premature and uneven tire wear, but it will also help reduce any unwanted load or stress on your wheels.  Failure to follow proper tire care is not only dangerous but also will void your warranty.

To avoid voiding your Warranty, please be sure to contact our team should you want to modify/repair your Project 6GR wheels. Such modifications would include but are not limited to: changing bolt pattern, altering backspacing of wheel, custom painting, and performing repairs. Keep in mind that your wheels and tires are the only components separating you and the road, we always place safety first.

In order for any warranty claim to be fully processed, it must be sent to Project 6GR Headquarters for inspection and testing. This part is of the process is very important because we always want to pinpoint the source and or cause of the claim in the first place. We will report all findings to the wheel manufacturing factory to help improve the manufacturing process and materials if needed.

Please be advised that Project 6GR wheels is Not liable for any expenses involved in the warranty claim process. Examples of such expenses would include: shipping/transportation cost, installation costs, and loss of use of vehicle.