Fabulous Fords Forever

2019 34th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever, largest ford show in California

2019Fabulous Fords Forever show details:

In sunny Southern California every year since 1984, Fabulous Fords forever has held the largest Ford show in CA. It all started back in 1984 powered by Mustang enthusiasts first meeting was in Griffith Park with over 500 participants. Knowing the amount of Ford enthusiasts, Fabulous Fords knew they had to make it to an annual event which resulted in over 2,000 participants in 2019. From full blown builds to classics, there was something for everybody to enjoy. Besides the amazing collections of cars what also made the show amazing was the debut of the 2020 Shelby GT500.

Project 6GR was extremely happy to be a proud sponsor once more at the event, showcasing over 4 Shelby GT350s and a handful of amazing GTs. Starting with the Shelby GT350s we have @SHEEDYSGT350, who hits the show on Sunday and tears up the pavement at the track the following day. Next, we have @Ghostdriven showcasing his own created finish the Brushed Blue finish, respectfully called “LA Blue”, giving respects to the @Ladodgers. Third, we have Beatknox with his wrapped blue GT350 debuting our new Full Forged Non-US Project6GR wheels, weighing in at a stunning 20LB ea. Lastly, we also had @DHGT350 rolling in with style with his yellow color scheme avalanche grey Shelby GT350, sporting Project 6GR 7-SEVEN wheels in the two-tone gloss black finish with yellow windows.

Thanks to the amazing staff, coordinators, and volunteers for making sure the show experience was enjoyed by all.


Enjoy the amazing moments and images we captured at the show.



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