2023 GALPINAUTOSPORTS Car Show / Featuring Project 6GR & Socal Shelbys

9th Annual 2023 Galpin Auto Sports Car Show

We had the opportunity to be part ofย  Galpin Auto Sports 9th Annual Car Show presented by Galpin Ford! This show was extra special for us, we announced and showcased our New Project 6GR Ten-D wheel on a Brand New 2024 S650 Mustang. It’s a all new design we have been working on and we are excited for everyone to finally see it.

The vehicles showcased right outside of the Galpin Auto Sports Facility were apart of Socal Shelbys and many other of our Project 6GR Family Members. The show featured a wide variety of cars and trucks but the star of the show being the recently released 2024 S650 Ford Mustang. There was plenty more to see like Exotic Super Cars, Vintage Classic Vehicles , Lowriders, Modern Muscle and many more. Each vehicle unique in its own way, it was car heaven.




We had a special collaboration with nytop.store showcasing our new Project 6GR Ten-D wheel on their 2024 S650 Mustang. The finish on our new wheel is what we call Satin Magnesium / Satin Polished.ย  The thought process on doing this two tone design was we wanted to giving the wheel more character to show off the lines and structure. This finish on the Black S650 Mustang with the massive red brembo brake calipers are showcased beautifully.

Many of the cars at the show were featuring our other Project 6GR wheels. These wheels are designed to give the S650 / S550 Mustang, Shelby GT350 and GT500 an aggressive, unique look while also improving the performance. In addition to the performance many 6GR enthusiasts customize their wheels to their own personal touch with our custom finishes options. The custom finish on the wheels perfectly complement the unique style on every Mustang and Shelby making them stand out from the crowd. The wheels are also wider than the factory wheels, which gives the Mustang a more aggressive stance and improved handling.

We want to thank Socal Shelbys and all of our Project 6GR Family members for coming out and displaying their amazing vehicles.

Thank you to the amazing staff, coordinators, and volunteers for making sure the event experience was enjoyed by all.

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