Extra meat for the Project 6GR 5-FIVE wheels 345s Hoosier tires!


When it comes to thick meat, Project 6GR has done some meaty setups. None however, have been as tight as this. It’s literally the biggest tire set up we’ve done on a GT350 R-Spec wheel set. Keep in mind, R-Spec sizing on Project 6GR wheels is 19×11 in the front and 19×11.5 in the rear. 

Now let us add some Hoosier R7 tires to the equation. The sizes you ask? 315/30/19 in the front and a whopping 345/30/19 in the rear. That’s just insane. We’ve fitted plenty of 325s in the rear before but a 345? That particular request doesn’t come too often. Recently, we did another 345 rear wheel and tire setup using a set of Nitto Tires NT05R. Same size as the Hoosier R7s in that they’re both 345/30/19 but we found that the section width is actually different. The Nitto NT05Rs has a section width of 13.43 inches while the Hoosier R7s has a section width of 14.1 inches. 

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The Project 6GR wheels themselves come in at 27.4lbs in the front and 24.7lbs in the rear without tires. Compared to factory OEM stock wheels that’s a total of 19.8 lbs of rotational unsprung mass already off just by switching to Project 6GR wheels

The proud owner of this Shelby GT350 plans to take his car to the track and we personally can’t wait to see how it performs. 


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