Project 6GR wheels in Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip finish

As fellow enthusiasts, carbon fiber might as well be called a drug. All it takes is one modification and next thing you know you are hooked. One part leads to another and soon enough it has grown into the overall theme of your ride. Much like tattoos, we do not know too many people that have stopped at just one.

Considering the good supply of reputable manufactures, we have access to many different pieces from exterior, interior, and also engine bay part. And of course in classic fashion, when is enough enough? Until the next carbon fiber part comes out, right?

In making sure that we are able to continue our carbon fiber addiction, Project 6GR is proud to offer two different carbon fiber finishes. One featuring actual carbon fiber material that is placed over the face of the wheel, and the other using a hydro dip process.

Shown here is the Project 6GR wheel in the carbon fiber hydro dip finish. The process starts off by having a base coat applied to the wheels and then carefully dipped in a water solution that contains the carbon fiber design. Moving forward to the next step, the wheels will have their inner barrels painted jet black and finally the entire wheel will be sealed and coated by a high gloss clear coat. Applied evenly throughout the entire surface of the wheels, it creates a seamless transition of the carbon fiber design on the face to the jet black finish on the barrel.

Overall the carbon fiber hydro dip is a great way to continue your carbon fiber theme without breaking the bank. The custom finishing cost is around $300 per wheel for the hydro dip and around $450 per wheel for the actual carbon fiber material overlay.

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