Shelby GT350R on Project 6GR Seven Spokes 19×11 325 SQUARE!!

Happy friday everyone! Today we are showcasing 6GR Family member/ California Shelby’s member Porter’s Shelby GT350R! This vehicle is running one of our most aggressive setups  you can fit on the GT350’s. It is using our 6GR Seven Spoke wheels in a 19×11 +24 325/30/19 front, 19×11 +50 325/30/19 rear with Toyo R888R tires! This isn’t a true square setup due to the offsets being different but we have a fix for that. Our hardcore track guys will run a 19×11 +50 front and rear with a 25mm spacer for the front so the wheels can be rotated as a true square fitment. As you may have noticed he is rocking gloss white wheels on one side of the car and gloss black on the other side. The vehicle has a Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger making this a monster in any scenario. You can check out more pictures of this car on both the California Shelbys instagram page and HoonSnakes page!


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