The difference between Cast vs. Spun Forged vs. Fully Forged Wheels

DETAILS: One question we do get a lot here at Project 6GR is: “what’s the difference between a cast wheel, a Spun Forged wheel, and a fully forged wheel?” And the short answer is the manufacturing processes. But how those processes matter to the end-user, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this blog….

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Announcement! Project 6GR Forged Aluminum Center caps available now for Spun Forged and Forged wheels

Details: Replenish the look for your Project 6GR wheels with our new fully forged center caps. We are happy to announce our new Project 6GR Forged aluminum 6061 center caps available for order now.  The design and fitment was closely engineered for the Project 6GR wheels ensuring you a snuggle fit and slick design! The…

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Project 6GR 10-TEN

Project 6GR 10-TEN Full Forged 3-piece wheels for Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger/Charger, Corvette

Details:   We are proud to present our Project 6GR 10-TEN 3-piece forged in its raw state. This 3-piece design features lightweight pocketing performed on the center hub, and finished with hidden hardware. Project 6GR wheels take homage for best Fitments and designs requested by many 6GR family members. We are proud to announce custom…

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