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Project 6 Has the Best Choices for You

You have wanted to get new wheels for your Mustang for a while now, but you have never been quite sure just where to start looking. You could go to your local dealer or car parts store, but the options seem limited and quite expensive. There are sources at online auction sites, but you never quite know what you are going to get. You want to look to a source that has a great selection, fine craftsmanship, and fair prices, so you get the best in every area. When you want the best choices you can find for Mustang rims, you will find that here at Project 6GR we have just what you need.

A Project for the Love of Mustangs

Our company was started because we love Mustangs just as much as you do. As Mustang enthusiasts, we too have been disappointed by the options available when it comes to great rims for Mustangs. If you are looking for a specific wheel setup, design or color, the options seem very limited in the market. Thanks to the hard work we have put in, we have created the perfect setup for your wheels and given you the options you have always wanted. Our wheels look great, are built well, and are compatible with your factory system.

project 6

Project 6GR has the Options

Here at Project 6GR, we offer the options that will look best on your vehicle. We take care of all the custom work and finishing right here at our facility so that we can create just the look you want. You will find fantastic color options from us that you will not see elsewhere, and we make sure to use the classic spoke design that everyone expects to see on a muscle car like yours.

Start Your Mustang Project with Us

If you are ready to upgrade your Mustang and get the wheels that turn heads, come to us here at Project 6GR. You can see the many options that we offer here on our web pages and place a safe and secure order with us online. If you need to as a question or would like to send us a message, please use our online contact form. We can get to work on your rims and get them out to you so you can make the upgrades to your wheels that give you just a look you want for your car.

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