Attention to Detail..SCRuby shows us how to not skip a beat.

With every project, there is an underlying theme. In the case of our good friend and fellow enthusiast Dennis and his Ruby Red S550 Mustang, that theme would “Attention to Detail”. If you have been fortunate enough to see this beauty in the flesh, you would agree in a heartbeat. While the modification list can go on for days, Dennis made sure that no detail was overlooked.

To being to describe this Ruby Red beauty would be to start the prologue on a captivating thousand page novel that you can’t put down. Highlights of Dennis’s build include the Whipple 2.9 liter Supercharger which produces well over 700 horsepower at the crank. Making sure all that horsepower is able to meet the pavement are the Project 6GR wheels and Michelin tires. The Project 6GR wheels measure 19×10 front & 19×11 rear and are matched with the Michelin Super Sport tires in the 285/35/19 size front and massive 325/30/19 size in the rear.  Keeping the “attention to detail theme” flowing on this build with the wheels is the beautiful brushed titanium finish.  When under sunlight, the finish comes alive and displays the fine brush lines created by hand.

Providing the aero-dynamtics pleasantries and eye candy not only on the exterior, but also the interior, and engine bay is the TruFiber carbon fiber components. As part of the “no carbon fiber piece left behind policy” this beauty has been blessed with every single components made and offered.

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