Shelby GT350 Metallic Blue meets -Project 6GR wheels Satin Graphite

Project 6GR wheels would like to proudly introduce our R-spec fitment for the Shelby GT350 and GT350R platforms. This setup utilizes a 19×11″ with 24mm front and 19×11.5″ with 55mm rear wheel size. Provides Brembo brake caliper clearance while achieving one of the deepest concave designs for the Shelby GT350 platform.


In development of the R-spec fitment we came across a challenge in the design and manufacturing process that we would like to share with fellow enthusiasts. We must say that huge credit needs to be given to Shelby/Ford for being so generous and providing the Snake with such amazing stopping power. Utilizing massive Brembo Brakes Rotor and Calipers measuring 394mm front and 380mm rear and 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers.


With such large braking components, there is yet one side effect. As the size of the braking components increase, the wheel design possibilities decrease. With so little room to work with, every millimeter of clearance needs to be distributed correctly within the wheel wells.


We are very pleased to report that through multiple design revision and test fitments on the GT350 platform, we are able to provide the proper fitment for fellow enthusiasts. The end result of our focus and determination is Project 6GR R-spec fitment. Providing proper brake caliper & rotor clearance, while decreasing mass, and increasing width in both front and rear wheels.

–Project G6R R-spec fitment Technical Highlights–

– 19×11.0″ Front Wheel size / 19×11.5″ Rear Wheel Size ( Factory GT350 19×10.5 Front / 19×11.0 Rear)
– Deep Concave Profile both front and rear
– Decrease rotational mass of 3.5 lbs. front and 6.1 lbs rear over the factory GT350 wheels.
– Direct fitment with with hub-centric design (70.6mm)
– Compatible with factory center cap and tire pressure sensors.
– Compatible with factory Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires: Size 295/35/19 front & 305/35/19 rear

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